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These Dairy Trends Will Change Your 2024 Outlook


A decade ago, it was much easier to anticipate what each new year would hold for the dairy industry. But today’s dairy industry is a much different story — and at times, predicting trends and changes in the dairy market can feel…well, almost impossible.

This in-depth report covers:

  • Projected milk pricing for 2024 and its impact on plant operations
  • Top trends shaping dairy (e.g., sustainable packaging and supply chain transparency)
  • Cost-saving tips for improving centrifuge and plant energy efficiency
  • Strategies for addressing key dairy plant challenges like staffing, freight costs, and financing
  • Planning guidelines for equipment upgrades and replacements

Curious how you can use 2024 to trailblaze into new territory and go toe-to-toe with your competition? We've got the answers. Just fill out this form to get your hands on the report.

Download Your 2024 Dairy Industry Report