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The SEP Way

We don’t just provide centrifuge support — we’re humans who want the best for your business and won’t beat around the bush.


Expect the best

Getting centrifuge support shouldn’t include talking to robots, playing phone tag, or long wait times. Sending in your bowl for balancing shouldn’t take a year. And no plant should be paying for parts they don’t need.

At Separators, we use decades of centrifuge-exclusive experience to diagnose and service your separator, identify quick-fix solutions when possible, and — most importantly — keep plants and their employees safe.

All of that? It boils down to how we do things around here — the Sep Way.


We do what it takes to get the job done right

You have options when it comes to centrifuge support. But we’re not just any centrifuge service provider. As the industry’s centrifuge experts, we’ve dedicated our entire business to the true heart of your plant. 

By working with separators (and only separators) in the field and in our shop, we’re true masters in centrifuge machines. It’s what we know. It’s what we do. And it’s what you can trust us to help you with, no matter the issue.

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It all comes down to our team

Our people are the ones doing the work, finding you the parts, and predicting your future needs. That’s why we don’t hire just anyone — we hire and train the best. 

The Separators team is made up of people from all backgrounds of life — but we all have a few things in common: raw talent, grit, and a hunger to do whatever’s required of us. You can trust that when you call us, the person you’re working with is someone who gives 110% for every service request or parts order that comes their way.




Minor and major service

Around here, we stand by our work and go the extra mile to make sure your equipment is going to run as long as possible. We don’t believe in replacing parts that still have life in them, and we’ll tell you when there’s a safety issue on the horizon so you can budget accordingly.


Emergency service

You shouldn’t have to pay for a technician to come to your plant for something you could have just fixed with a little help over the phone. We’ll talk you through emergency service situations to find the fastest, best possible solution for your plant. And if you end up needing an expert? We’ll send someone out to you ASAP.


Centrifuge equipment

When we see a need, we fill it. That includes finding your plant a replacement centrifuge without the new price tag. We spend the time remanufacturing centrifuges to give you top-performing, like-new machines for a fraction of the money you’d drop on a new model.


Centrifuge parts

We don’t believe in charging you for parts in your minor or major service kit that you won’t use. Whenever you need a part or are facing a stocking issue, you can call our team and talk to a parts expert directly (every time).


From catastrophic failure to up-and-running

When this beverage manufacturer experienced a catastrophic centrifuge failure, our team came together on a weekend to get a like-new machine installed and operating in just a few weeks.

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Work with a one-of-a-kind team

Because we’re all centrifuges, all the time, working with Separators means working with top-tier centrifuge experts. We’ve seen (and serviced) it all, and we continue to find new ways to make production easier and more efficient for new and existing plant leads.

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