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Major Centrifuge Service

Identify problems before they shut down your plant.

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Major service, also referred to as an annual, includes everything that goes into a minor service, as well as additional services.




50–80 parts


Backed by Separators warranty

What’s included with major centrifuge service?

We inspect and assess the following items for wear and damage during every major service:

  • Bearings
  • Frame Gaskets
  • Any parts that require replacing, as indicated in the minor service report

Our service technician will also inspect the major mechanical components of your centrifuge, including the:

  • Frame
  • Spindle
  • Gear
  • Pully
  • Couplers
  • Housings

Centrifuge calibration

At the completion of inspections, component replacements, and cleaning, we start the equipment up for calibrating. For calibration, we run water through the centrifuge while checking the amount of discharge and any other required volumetric measurements, including leakage. If given the opportunity, we’ll observe centrifuge on CIP and product as well.


We’ll sit down and review your service report.

We take the time to walk through every major service report with you. These service reports include photos and a detailed list of repairs that were completed. We also identify repairs that are currently needed or will be needed in the near future. This level of detail helps with both planning for downtime and budgeting for upcoming, more extensive repairs.

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How major centrifuge service works



Major centrifuge service FAQs.

How often should major centrifuge service be performed?

We recommend performing major centrifuge service on an annual basis to help ensure that your centrifuge’s frame and bowl stay in good condition.

How do I request centrifuge service?

Separators offers service on centrifuges 24/7. Give our team of experts a call to talk about scheduling service for your centrifuge.

Need emergency service? Contact our emergency hotline.

How do I get replacement centrifuge parts?

Parts needed for your major centrifuge service visit will be shipped to you before our technician’s arrival. If communicated, technicians will also have electable parts shipped. Electables are major components that do not get replaced unless needed (e.g., spindles, gears, housings). We do this if we suspect it’s about time to replace components that wear out at irregular intervals. That way, we have what we may need on hand (and we will ship back any unused parts to our shop). Our parts department is also available to help you get the specific OEM or Separators part you need, any day of the year.

Do you offer centrifuge rental bowls?

Our centrifuge bowl rental program makes it easy to send your bowl in for repair. Our technicians can swap your damaged bowl with a rental assembly so that you can avoid unnecessary downtime and keep production moving.

How do I get my centrifuge bowl balanced?

Bowl balancing requires you to send your centrifuge bowl to our shop so that we can restore your bowl to like-new condition. 

Where will you repair my centrifuge bowl?

Unlike many OEMs that send their centrifuge bowls overseas for repair, we perform all bowl balancing services at our production facility in Indianapolis, Indiana.

How do I send a centrifuge bowl in for balancing?

While you can use standard shipping options to get your bowl to our field shop, we recommend using Separators for shipping your centrifuge bowl. That way, we always know where your bowl is (and can ensure that your bowl won’t experience damage during shipping).

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