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Minor Centrifuge Service

Skip avoidable downtime with regular centrifuge preventative maintenance.

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The Sep Way.

There’s nothing “minor” about minor service with Separators. In fact, reducing unnecessary downtime starts with proactive maintenance of your centrifuge. When you work with Separators, we’ll inspect your centrifuge bowl to help make sure that your equipment will last until your next routine service.


Every 6 months


15–20 parts


Backed by Separators warranty

What’s included with minor centrifuge service?

We inspect and assess the following items for wear and damage during every minor service:

  • Bowl Top
  • Disc Stacks
  • Separating Disc
  • Distributor
  • Piston Seals
  • Discharge Port
  • Threads
  • Cushion Wear
  • Drive Motor Condition
  • Tool Wear
  • Disc Compression
  • Pitting
  • Water Ports
  • Lock Ring
  • Oil
  • Main Bowl Gaskets
  • Inlet Outlet Gaskets and Seals

CIP process check

How long a minor service visit will take depends a lot on whether or not current Clean-in-Place (CIP) procedures are effective. If the equipment is not receiving proper cleaning, we always notify the customer. Sometimes, they need to lengthen their pre-soak time or their caustic wash cycle in order to achieve proper CIP.

Full regasketing service

As the bowl is inspected, we look at the piston and other wear parts for degradation. We also go through the whole piece of equipment looking for pitting and signs of corrosion from CIP chemicals. After tearing down the full disc stack and completely removing it from the distributor, we regasket the bowl with all new gaskets.


We’ll sit down and review your service report.

While it’s easy to hand off a service report and be on our way, we take the time to sit down with you to walk through our repairs and our findings. This gives us a chance to alert you to any issues that could result in unnecessary downtime or injury — ultimately bringing added value to your plant.

Our reports also identify and detail upcoming repairs so that you can prepare and budget for future service.

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How minor centrifuge service works.

Minor services

Minor centrifuge service FAQs.

Do you offer centrifuge rental bowls?

Our centrifuge bowl rental program makes it easy to send your bowl in for repair. Our technicians can swap your damaged bowl with a rental assembly so that you can avoid unnecessary downtime and keep production moving.

How do I get my centrifuge bowl balanced?

Bowl balancing requires you to send your centrifuge bowl to our shop so that we can restore your bowl to like-new condition.

Where will you repair my centrifuge bowl?

Unlike many OEMs that send their centrifuge bowls overseas for repair, we perform all bowl balancing services at our production facility in Indianapolis, Indiana.

How long does it take to balance a centrifuge bowl?

On average, it takes us 6–8 weeks from the time we receive your bowl to complete any needed repairs (often much less if no new components are needed). When your bowl is ready to be returned to your plant, we wrap it up and ship it to you. We’ll also send a technician to your plant to re-install the bowl.

How do I send a centrifuge bowl in for balancing?

While you can use standard shipping options to get your bowl to our field shop, we recommend using Separators for shipping your centrifuge bowl. That way, we always know where your bowl is (and can ensure that your bowl won’t experience damage during shipping).

How do I request centrifuge service?

Separators offers service on centrifuges 24/7. Give our team of experts a call to talk about scheduling service for your centrifuge.

Need emergency service? Contact our emergency hotline.

How do I get replacement centrifuge parts?

Parts needed for your minor centrifuge service visit will be shipped to you before our technician’s arrival. That way, we have what we may need on hand (and we will ship back any unused parts to our shop). Our parts department is also available to help you get the specific OEM or Separators part you need, any day of the year.

Avoid unnecessary downtime

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