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Centrifuge Equipment

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Remanufactured Centrifuges

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Automation Technology

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Could your centrifuge use an upgrade?

We transform old, underperforming centrifuge equipment into like-new condition through a process called remanufacturing. Remanufactured centrifuges are not the same as used or refurbished. Remanufactured centrifuges are excellent primary centrifuges, they make a great option for backups, and we can get them to you quickly.

Updating automation technology is another way to solve equipment underperformance. The members of our Technical Service Group are experts at uncovering how and why centrifuge equipment underperforms.

Process Application


Outfit your facility for success.

Production goals are meant to be hit. Avoid downtime and grow your profit margins by eliminating opportunities for equipment failure. Then sit back and enjoy the fruits of good decision-making.

By far, the best solutions are the ones that keep your centrifuge operating at peak performance. Trust us, you won’t miss those Saturday morning emergency phone calls. We will help you figure out what you need.

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