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Extend the life of your bowl, pumps, and other centrifuge equipment.

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Shop service includes all repairs that can’t be completed in the field during major and minor service visits.


Bowl Balancing


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What repairs are handled in the shop?

Repairs that would take too long to repair in the field, or require special equipment that we cannot bring to your plant, are sent to our Separators shop in Indianapolis.

Common shop repairs include:

  • Bowl shells (e.g., pitting, galling, fit, finish)
  • Bowl components (e.g., sliding piston, disc carrier, lock ring)
  • Lower frames
  • Tubs and domes
  • Pumps/impellers
  • Disc compressors
  • Bowl and frame tools

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Separators employee repairs centrifuge bowl

Keep production volume on track.

Damage adds up over time. We see a lot of centrifuges sent to our shop that could have been repaired and put back on the production line had they been sent in earlier. When our service technicians identify a needed repair in the field, it is because the repair falls into one of these three categories.


Pitting or defects in your bowl can threaten the structural integrity of the bowl shell, risking catastrophic failure.


When we identify and repair a defect early on, it can add years to the life of your equipment. Ensuring the bowl is balanced will reduce the vibrations it causes. High vibrations shorten the life of drive components and can cause damage to the bowl itself.


A centrifuge that goes without repair won’t be able to perform at its best, making it difficult to meet production goals.

How shop repair service works.


For bowl repairs, Separators can provide field technicians to oversee the removal and reinstallation of your bowl (as well as the installation of a rental bowl, if needed). 

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Detailed estimates

Once your bowl is at our shop, we thoroughly clean it and bring in our estimator to give it a full inspection. This includes a dye penetration test to check for any cracks that may not be visible. This thorough inspection helps us provide accurate quotes, and ensures we can fix your bowl and send it to you in excellent condition.

Bowl balancing

Even the slightest adjustment to a bowl can impact its balance. Every bowl sent to our shop is balanced and tested with water before being shipped back to your plant.

Shop repair service FAQs.

Do you offer centrifuge rental bowls?

Our centrifuge bowl rental program makes it easy to send your bowl in for repair. Our technicians can swap your damaged bowl with a rental assembly so that you can avoid unnecessary downtime and keep production moving.

How do I get my centrifuge bowl balanced?

Bowl balancing requires you to send your centrifuge bowl to our shop so that we can restore your bowl to like-new condition.

Where will you repair my centrifuge bowl?

Unlike many OEMs that send their centrifuge bowls overseas for repair, we perform all bowl balancing services at our production facility in Indianapolis, Indiana.

How long does it take to balance a centrifuge bowl?

On average, it takes us 6–8 weeks from the time we receive your bowl to complete any needed repairs (often much less if no new components are needed). When your bowl is ready to be returned to your plant, we wrap it up and ship it to you. We’ll also send a technician to your plant to re-install the bowl.

How do I send a centrifuge bowl in for balancing?

While you can use standard shipping options to get your bowl to our field shop, we recommend using Separators for shipping your centrifuge bowl. That way, we always know where your bowl is (and can ensure that your bowl won’t experience damage during shipping).

How do I request centrifuge shop service?

Scheduling shop service is easy. Fill out our service form and someone from our customer service group will contact you to discuss your repair and arrange shipping.

How long does it take to repair a centrifuge pump?

Centrifuge pumps can usually be repaired in 1-2 business days, so long as the pump can be salvaged.

Extend the life of your centrifuge equipment. 

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