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Rotosieves for Centrifuges

We sell rotosieves.

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Are whey solids weighing you down?

If you’re having issues with your separator plugging up, a rotoseive might be just what you need. Rotosieves are ideal for separating small, solid particles from liquid. They are compatible with a wide range of screen sizes, from 5-100 microns. Larger screens are possible, if needed. 

Rotosieves are available in two sizes. The Rotosieve 25L is rated at 60,000 lbs/hr. The Rotosieve 5L is rated at 12,000 lbs/hr. In the chart below, you can see a comparison of the two sizes.

Roto 25L Roto 5L
Capacity up to 60,000 lbs/hr up to 12,000 lbs/hr
Inlet 2.5" TriClamp 1/5" Tri Clamp
Outlet 6" 4"
Dimensions H 34.3" W 21.5" H 27.2" W 19.7"
Motor 3 hp 2 hp
CIP Sprayballs 265 lbs/min 265 lbs/min
Screen Sizes 5-100 micron 5-100 micron
# of Screens 2 1

Suited to small or large-scale operation.

The Rotosieve is ideal for separating small, solid particles from liquid. With the capability of recovering 95%+ of fines, this equipment maintains an excellent recovery rate. 

Due to its easy operation and excellent recovery rate, the Rotosieve has been a leader in the food processing industry for over a decade. 

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Does your facility need a Rotosieve?

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