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Remanufactured Centrifuges: Not Used, Not New

Our process adds years of productivity to centrifuges by remanufacturing existing equipment.

What is a Remanufactured Centrifuge?

Remanufacturing begins with the disassembly of the centrifuge. During disassembly, all parts are cleaned, repaired, and/or replaced. Then, they are reassembled into a remanufactured centrifuge which functions in excellent working condition.

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The difference between a new centrifuge and a remanufactured centrifuge is price. The functionality, the quality, and the warranty of a remanufactured centrifuge is equal to that of an OEM.

The difference between a used centrifuge and a remanufactured centrifuge is more significant. Take a look at the table below which details the difference between remanufactured centrifuges and used centrifuges:


Remanufactured Used/Reconditioned
Bowl Cleaned
Dye Penetration Testing
Bowl Inspected for Erosion
Lock Ring Inspection
Thread Wear Inspected
Disc Condition Inspected
Bowl Tolerances Checked
Correct Disc Spacers Checked
Disc Height Checked
Correct Number of Discs Checked
Bowl Refinishing
Bowl Polishing
New Bowl Gaskets
New Bowl Springs & Valve Plugs (if needed)
Bowl Run In and Computer Balanced
Run on Water to Check Functioning
Complete Final Testing
Final Inspection
Removal of Old Controls
Frame Cleaned
Frame Inspected
Critical Dimensions Checked
Motor Tested for Proper Functioning
Pump Sized for Customer Application
Frame Sand Blasted
Paint External Parts
Paint Interior Casing (if needed)
Rebuild Clutch
Polish External Parts
Reconditioned Pumps
True Motor Shaft
New Motor Bearings
Fresh Paint on Motor
New or Recond. Cross Shaft
New or Recond. Spindle (if needed)
New Drive Gears (if needed)
New Frame Bearings
New Seals
New Gaskets & O-Rings (if needed)
New Gauges
Centripetal Pump Height Checked
New or Reconditioned Insertion Tools
New Control Panel
Run in for 8 - 10 Hours
Complete Final Testing
Final Inspection

We Will Remanufacture Your Current Centrifuge

Separators, Inc. sells fully remanufactured Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak, and Westfalia centrifuges. We will also fully remanufacture a customer’s current centrifuge. This means you can have years of usable life added to a centrifuge that your facility currently uses or owns. Remanufacturing a centrifuge has the following benefits:


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