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What to Expect When You Service with Separators VLOG

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Posted by: Quenton Lind on May 17, 2019 at 9:43 AM

Here at Separators service is our core offering. Over the years, we’ve put a lot of time, attention, and resources into ensuring the completeness of our centrifuge service capabilities. We’ve also been thinking about how we can present our services in ways that are clear to any prospective customers who might be considering working with us. In this VLOG, I provide a quick, easy outline of our service offerings. Check it out:

Before providing a brief summary of what’s covered in the VLOG, I want you to know that we’ve also put together an eBook that takes a deep dive into what’s covered. Get your copy of What to Expect When You Service with Separators and get in on all the details.

Different Types of Services Offered

Minor (AKA Top End) Service

During a minor service, which takes place on a semi-annual basis, a technician will come into your facility and provide service to the top end of your centrifuge equipment. Minor service keeps centrifuge equipment functioning properly and helps spot early signs of corrosion, wear, and damage.

Major (AKA Annual) Service

We come in and you get the full diagnostic report on your centrifuge. This is a service that occurs on an annual basis — once per year. Major service includes maintaining both the top end and the lower end of the centrifuge. It is an essential part of routine maintenance and will extend the useable life of your centrifuge equipment.

Additional Services

In addition to Minor and Major maintenance service, we also offer:

These services allow us to help our customers above and beyond routine maintenance needs.

Different Ways to Receive Centrifuge Service

Field Service

When our service technicians are out in the field visiting customer facilities, it’s called field service. Typically, field service includes preventative maintenance, emergency service, installation and startup support, and more.

Shop Service

Our shop service is when customers send their equipment to our shop in Indianapolis, IN. Our facility has the machinery and equipment to repair and remanufacture any piece of centrifuge equipment. Shop service can include major repairs, bowl balancing, feasibility spin tests, and more.

What to Expect When You Partner With Separators eBook

The Teams that Make It All Possible

At Separators we’ve got a great group of individuals that make what we do possible.

Sales Team - Sales team members are positioned all across the U.S. They’re working remotely, out in the field, where they can reach customers more easily.

Field Service Team - Field service team members are traveling to or working in customer facilities every day. We have 10 service technicians based all across the country.

Technical Service Group (TSG) - Technical service group members are our in-house experts. They train everyone in the company, and they are our go-to for anything requiring high levels of technical expertise. When customers are looking to improve their separation process, the TSG is there to get the job done.

Customer Success Group (CSG) and Parts Team - CSG and parts team members handle customer needs on all fronts. Any needs like scheduling services, getting information to the accounting team, delivering parts to customers all depend on the CSG and parts team members.

What You Can Expect When You Service with Separators

We are known in our industry for the services we provide. We have the team and the expertise to back it up. The next time you need service, schedule a service call with us.

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