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Industrial Centrifuge Service That Goes the Extra Mile

Have you ever hit a dead end while trying to find a unique or retired part? Or struggled to decide the best course of action to repair your centrifuge? If so, there’s a good chance you lost trust in your centrifuge service provider in the process.

We get it. And we're here to help you re-establish your trust in centrifuge service.

The following client stories demonstrate why our customers consistently experience a higher standard of service and success when they work with Separators.

Tracking down separator spare parts

Here at Separators, we don’t just take parts orders and fill them — we take pride in being trusted consultants and partners to our customers. 

When a dairy plant operating an MSD 200 machine contacted us looking for a 50 HP motor upgrade, we knew we didn’t have it in stock — and no one else would either. With 40 HP being the standard for their machine, we knew they would be hard-pressed to track down a 50 HP option.

Still, we refused to simply quote the standard 40 HP option and call it a day. Our experts rolled up their sleeves to thoroughly understand the performance requirements driving this need. Rather than resigning to limitations, we helped the customer plan multiple paths forward, guiding them to custom-source their desired 50 HP motor.

Turning a picture into a parts quote

Recently, one of our dairy clients inquired about obtaining a Bürkert solenoid valve, providing only images of the part without model, serial, or part numbers. We immediately knew that it wasn’t a part we carried — nonetheless, it was a part the client needed.

In these cases, contacting the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) parts department often leads to roadblocks, as they typically require precise identification details to assist. However, our team takes a different approach. In this case, that involved thoroughly checking our internal systems, conducting thorough online research, and collaborating with our purchasing department to locate the part.

Thanks to our part team's expertise and research, we were able to provide our client with a quote for the required Bürkert part within a 24-hour turnaround time.


Repairing vs. buying new

A different dairy plant was trying to figure out what to do next with their aging MSA 60 machine. As you can imagine, the centrifuge was central to the dairy producer’s operations. However, the aging MSA 60 utilized a friction clutch that is now obsolete. We were able to convert the machine to a direct drive and get it back to peak operation.

While an OEM may have simply written off the old centrifuge as obsolete and recommended buying a new machine, we saw an opportunity. 

Our team immersed themselves in the challenge, ultimately determining that attempting on-site conversion introduced unnecessary risk. As an alternative, we pitched a comprehensive solution — shipping the entire machine into our shop to execute the conversion under our controlled environment and expertise. 


Giving up isn’t in our DNA

At the heart of these stories is our relentless drive to take on our customers’ challenges as our own. We embrace tough issues as opportunities to apply our expertise, think outside the box, and flex our operational capabilities in creative ways. Fueled by a refusal to accept limitations, this consultative approach separates us from transactional vendors.

When you work with Separators, you get fire-tested experts who give a damn. It’s that simple. We succeed when our customers realize exceptional outcomes tailored to their unique needs. That’s just how we roll.

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