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Review Insurance and Safety Certifications Before Choosing a Separator Service Provider

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Posted by: Richard Schildwachter on February 23, 2018 at 3:29 PM

When your equipment has aged out of its OEM service contract and you’re seeking a new company to handle your centrifuge service needs, how do you determine if a company is reputable?

One of the best and fastest ways to figure it out is by requesting their insurance and safety certifications. Insurance and safety certifications are an important way to identify which separator service companies you can trust to keep your equipment and business up and running. 

Checking Insurance and Safety Certifications Prior to Centrifuge Service

Typically, a simple email to a separation solutions company will give you the information you need. Still, it’s surprising the number of small and medium outfits that don’t take this step. Checking for current insurance and safety certifications is essential to protecting your business and your bottom line.

Protect Your Business

Receiving centrifuge service from a company without the proper credentials can put your business at risk. Even if the service provider is fully capable of performing adequate service, your business remains vulnerable if anything should go wrong. This includes issues with the equipment and possible injury to the service provider. If they’re not covered under their own insurance, your business could be liable.

You want to be sure they have the credentials to provide safe, quality service to equipment within your industry. For instance, a credentialed service provider will understand the different processes and regulations for dairy centrifuge repair and wine clarifier repair. And, they’ll have the documentation to prove it.

Work with a Company that Invests in Themselves

A company that holds current insurance and safety certifications is one that cares about detail. They’re invested in being safe as a service provider and safe as an individual in your plant. Companies that spend the time, effort, and resources to keep their employees routinely safe are the kinds of companies you want working in your facility.

After putting so much into your company, it’s worth investing in the right kind of service. After all, receiving proper centrifuge service and maintenance also works to keep your employees safe.

Whether you’re looking for a better price, a faster timeline, or the opportunity to choose what day the service occurs, be sure to work with a company that has their documentation in order. Working with an uninsured centrifuge service provider might be less expensive on the front end, but it could end up costing you in the long run.

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