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Manufacturing Internships: Spend the Summer With Separators

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Posted by: Quenton Lind on October 26, 2023 at 9:15 AM

Providing internship opportunities allows established companies to give back to the next generation while benefiting from fresh perspectives. This summer, Separators brought on two talented interns who elevated our digital marketing and engineering capabilities.

“I’m a big believer in giving the next generation an opportunity to get hands-on experience in a business setting,” said Separators’ President and CEO Steve Dohm. “It also allows us to get fresh perspectives and ideas that we can’t get from existing employees.”

Through hands-on work, these students gained valuable experience that will serve them in their future careers. Check out what they did during their time with us.

Separators brings two 2023 summer interns on board

This year, we were honored to have two interns join us for the summer. Both students added new perspectives to elevate our team and help us improve what we offer to our customers.

Building our digital presence

Caroline Strande, Butler UniversitySeparators intern headshot - Caroline

Pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing, Caroline came to Separators eager to elevate her marketing skills and get hands-on experience learning about and promoting a company.

“I hadn’t worked a lot in HubSpot or the manufacturing industry before I started my internship,” said Caroline. “But today, I can confidently create marketing assets through the CRM, and I’m much more comfortable interviewing subject matter experts within a company and using that information to speak the customer's language.”

During her internship, Caroline:

  • Contributed to Separators’ social media platforms, including content generation and post ideation
  • Elevated Separators’ newsletter template
  • Helped create decks for internal and external kickoffs
  • Learned how to use lead trackers to monitor MQLs and SQLs

We’ll continue to build off her work to extend our reach and use lead data to guide us toward customers who could benefit from a centrifuge partner.

Improving centrifuge monitoring

Trevor Johnson, Purdue UniversitySeparators intern headshot - Trevor

Pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Trevor came to Separators hoping to put his knowledge to use with a hands-on project that could advance his skills as well as Separators’ capabilities.

“During the internship, I developed a system to measure pressure and force in a compressor tool to verify the force standard,” said Trevor. “What I ended up creating is a simple but effective tool that can be used by field service technicians.”

Trevor experimented with both a spring plate and a force gauge method to create the compressor tool. Ultimately, he determined the spring-plate method was simpler and easier to design. And after several iterations, Trevor produced an end product that the field staff can use to verify force standards.Separators internship centrifuge compressor prototypeDuring his internship, Trevor also worked on a disc identification system, laser-cut steel identification tags, and equipment drawings to improve team and customer experiences. All of this work will improve how we organize parts internally and what we can offer to customers in the field.

Not your average internship: getting manufacturing internship experience

At Separators, we don’t just bring interns on board to complete small tasks — we commit to providing encouragement and freedom to learn at an accelerated rate. This model helps students leave at the end of the summer with valuable skills and knowledge they can use to find a job and further their career.

Unlike many manufacturing internships, our interns get to work hands-on alongside our team to help us execute work. This approach allows us to provide training while the students log time in a real-world job setting.

The interns aren’t the only ones who benefit from our time together —  our team gets fresh eyes and perspectives in the office and shop floor to help us continually improve our operations.

Interested in an internship or career with Separators? Contact us to apply for our summer 2024 internship opportunities or explore our open positions.

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