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Video: Don't Ignore Centrifuge Maintenance

Image of a man working on a centrifuge bowl

Posted by: Quenton Lind on April 2, 2019 at 7:16 AM

Are you familiar with one of the most common questions we receive from our customers? It's one we hear again and again, "How often do I need to do maintenance on my centrifuge equipment?" And although maintenance seems like an easy task, we are all busy — and it's the main reason why upkeep on machinery gets overlooked. So, where do you begin?


The effort you put into taking care of your centrifuge machinery will make a world of difference. It will help provide longevity for your equipment. And at the end of the day, we all want to be able to rely on technology, especially when it comes to the caliber of centrifuges.

In order to further illustrate the importance of maintaining your equipment, Separators has put together a video focusing on the three areas of maintenance in response to our customers' questions on centrifuge upkeep:

Frequency of Services

When it comes to the frequency of services for your centrifuge technology, your manual is your best friend. In it, you'll find in-depth information on the hours needed for specific services — and it's a guide to base your frequency off of. Separators provides six-month minor and one-year major service options. 

Our team of field service technicians responds to calls 24/7 to be there when you need us most. Some key services include:

  • Automation Support
  • Emergency Service
  • Field Repairs

Separators non-binding preventative maintenance agreements are cost effective to keep your company running efficiently.

Changing Oil

How often you should change your oil for your gear drive machines is another question our team gets often. Similar to any other vehicle out there, upkeep on oil is important to keep everything running smoothly. 

The recommended oil change is around 1,500 hours or every three months — depending on what your manual dictates is optimal for your machine. Unfortunately, not getting new oil into your machine on a regular basis will cause the current oil to lose its lubricity. This will result in it getting dirty and cause heating — leading to an accelerated rate of wear-and-tear on the machine.

Consistent oil changes will provide your machine with a longer-lasting gear set and an extended bearing life. Compared to the price of replacing spindles, gears, and other parts, oil is the cheaper option.

Centrifuge Best Practices

Are you familiar with the best practices when dealing with centrifuge technology? If not, that's okay. Our team would like to provide you with a couple of do's and don'ts to keep in mind when it comes to your centrifuge tech.

Use a Trusted Centrifuge Partner

Separators cares about the efficiency of your equipment. One of our team's first tasks upon partnering with you is providing you with a health report for your piece of centrifuge machinery. This will also include setting up the frequency of services to be provided for your centrifuge technology.

And like I mentioned earlier, do make sure to stay up-to-date on the oil changes if you have a gear drive machine, as well as schedule routine services.

Don't Put off Your Preventative Maintenance

We are all busy. Separators understands that — but we highly encourage you to never overlook your preventative maintenance (PM). Putting off maintenance to uphold your machinery and stay on top of things can lead to a catastrophic failure, and nobody wants that.

Don't Ignore Your Centrifuge

The centrifuge is often referred to as the core or the heartbeat of the plant. Whether you're in the dairy or rendering industry, you'll want to take advantage of the services we offer. And just like your preventative maintenance, your centrifuge should also never be taken for granted. 

Staying on top of the maintenance hassles will be worth the reward of having machines that provide decades of reliable performance to come. And our team of centrifuge experts are with you every step of the way, whenever you may need us.

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