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Essential Services Keep America’s Supply Chain Moving

Fluid milk production during COVID-19

Posted by: Quenton Lind on April 9, 2020 at 6:00 AM

Millions of Americans are living a reality that looks a lot different than it did one or two months ago. Due to COVID-19, the ways people work, learn, exercise, socialize, and celebrate have all changed. And while we’ve seen many businesses temporarily close their doors, there are many businesses continuing to operate, sometimes at increased levels of demand. These businesses, deemed essential services, are critical to keeping the supply chain moving. 

The Supply Chain and COVID-19

When you look at a chain up close, what do you see? It’s a series of individual pieces linked together. If one link is missing or removed, there’s a break in the chain. And the supply chain is no different.

Every link in the supply chain represents a company or organization that’s remaining operational at this time. This means they have employees showing up and putting themselves at risk. And they’re doing it for good reason — to ensure grocery stores can stock their shelves and the American people can access food. The food they need to get themselves through COVID-19. 

In order to bring food from the farm to the grocery store, we need a complete supply chain. Every link needs to be accounted for.  

At Separators, we can proudly say we are one of those links. At first glance, people might not see why a company that services separation equipment is considered an essential service. After all, what’s so essential about a separator? Well, it’s not so much the machine itself. It’s the role a separator plays in food production. 

Separation as a Vital Process

Separation is a vital process for many of the foods American’s rely on, including dairy products. Before milk is processed into yogurt, cheese, ice cream, or any other dairy product you’ll find in grocery stores, it needs to be separated. This makes centrifuges essential to the supply chain, which means a company that services, repairs, and maintains centrifuges is also essential. 

Preventing Equipment Failure is Key

Even when there’s not a pandemic, equipment failure is a huge deal. It can cause processing facilities to halt production, and depending on the circumstances and how long it takes to restore function, it can also lead to spoilage. After all, we are dealing in perishable products. 

The last thing dairies and dairy processors want to do is dump thousands of gallons of milk down the drain, but in some places, that’s already happening

Food Security 

As more and more Americans visit grocery stores to fill their fridge and pantry, some are more or less unaware of what it took for those products to land on the shelves. Yes, we have the grocery store workers who are on the front lines helping consumers get what they need, and we’re so thankful for each and every one of them. 

We also have countless businesses behind the scenes that make up our food supply chain. These businesses have employees who are putting themselves at risk to keep food on America’s table. We are beyond thankful to them. Their continued efforts form America’s backbone. 

Help Is Here When You Need It

During times of difficulty, it’s vital to know who you can turn to. When it comes to keeping facilities operational, Separators is here to help. More than ever, we’re responding to requests and helping facilities continue to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow we are helping customers troubleshoot equipment issues over the phone and dispatching technicians over the road to provide on-site service. 

To all of the producers, manufacturers, and individuals who represent a link in America’s supply chain, we appreciate and honor your every effort.

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