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FAQs Regarding Our Remanufactured Centrifuge Equipment

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Posted by: Quenton Lind on March 8, 2018 at 9:30 AM

These are the most frequently asked questions about our remanufactured centrifuge equipment:

Is remanufactured as safe as the latest OEM equipment?

We use highly-engineered parts that are made from high-quality components thus providing a unit that meets original OEM specifications. All products are factory tested before shipment.

Is everything remanufactured in the unit?

The unit is completely taken down to its bare components. Then, those components are either reworked to original OEM specifications or replaced with new components. Customers receive a high-quality machine that’s ready to perform.

Why Would I use your parts instead of OEM parts, and are they the same quality?

Our parts are held to the same standards and specifications that the OEMs follow.

What is the warranty?

Separators provides a one-year warranty on parts and labor that is identical to what’s provided by the OEMs. We warranty our equipment quality and expert workmanship so that our customers can trust our parts and labor as much as we do. 

What testing does a remanufactured unit receive?

All subcomponents are fully tested before being assembled, and strict quality standards are followed throughout the assembly process. After installation, a complete test is run on the machine to ensure high performance and reliability.   

Isn’t remanufactured just a used machine?

No. A remanufactured machine is completely disassembled and has new parts installed. Remanufacturing provides our customers with a machine that works like new at a fraction of the cost.

Are the controls new or used?

New controls are installed during remanufacturing to ensure our customers have the latest control system.

How Many Years old is a Remanufactured Centrifuge?

They can be five years, 50 years, or anything in-between. We have many customers that have their machines remanufactured by us multiple times.

Is the ROI better with remanufactured?

With remanufactured, customers receive a centrifuge that performs as well as a brand-new machine while paying about 30 percent less for it. This allows customers who are looking to expand production and produce more profits to do so without overspending on separation equipment. 

What is the lead time for delivery?

This can vary, but it’s safe to say that getting a remanufactured unit from Separators is going to take about half the time it would take to get an equivalent machine from the OEMs. This allows our customers to begin running material much sooner.

Where do the machines come from?

This depends on which OEM was the original manufacturer. We source machines from all over the world, and we remanufacture centrifuges from multiple OEMs. The most important thing to know is that we inspect machines to ensure they are good candidates for remanufacturing and ensure they meet quality standards.

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