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Non-binding Centrifuge Service Contracts - What You Need to Know

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Posted by: Quenton Lind on February 20, 2019 at 8:39 AM

Both routine maintenance and occasional service are essential to keeping your equipment running optimally. This is to say, centrifuge service cannot be skipped or avoided, but it can be made easy.

Centrifuge Service Contracts

If you've had the experience of buying a new centrifuge from an OEM (original equipment manufacturer), you're probably familiar with the service agreement that accompanied your purchase.

These multi-year centrifuge service agreements seem convenient at first, but when the services don't meet your expectations, those contracts can become another problem to deal with. That's part of the reason why Separators offers non-binding service agreements

Non-Binding Centrifuge Service Agreements

We do not lock our customers into service contracts. We do provide routine service appointments and are more than willing to meet all of the 24/7 service needs of our customers. It's just that we do it without the contract. 

We do things this way because we want to earn your business at every interaction. We've heard from enough customers who felt their previous service providers used service contracts as an excuse to put them as a lower priority. So, when we set up our service offerings, we decided to keep ourselves accountable. 

If we don't meet a customer's expectations, we want them to be able to find a company that does. Our customers deserve the best possible service for their separation equipment. And if that's not something they're getting from us, they deserve the freedom to go elsewhere. Because we know our customers can go elsewhere at any time, we have extra incentive to provide service and maintenance of the highest quality, every time. 

What We Do Ask

When customers plan to have their machines serviced and maintained by our technicians, all we ask is that they let us know through a non-binding agreement. We do this so we can plan accordingly and get a good idea of when or if we need to expand our team of service technicians. That way, we'll always have the right amount of skilled hands to meet the needs of our customers. 

Our non-binding contracts for preventative maintenance provide a cost-effective way to keep you up and running efficiently. And they allow us to earn your business every time.

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