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How A Remanufactured Centrifuge Allows You to Keep Your Current Baseplate

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Posted by: Quenton Lind on September 19, 2019 at 12:58 PM

No doubt about it, replacing your current centrifuge with a new machine is a large undertaking. Not only does it involve the capital investment of new equipment, it also typically involves reconfiguring feed lines and replacing your baseplate. And in case you're not familiar, replacing a centrifuge baseplate is a big job all on its own. It involves breaking the existing one out, pouring fresh concrete, and waiting for the curing process. And that all comes after you've worked out the details on the business end. Luckily, there's a way to skip this entire process while getting the equipment upgrade you need. 

The Baseplate Fiasco

Since a well-maintained centrifuge can remain operational for decades, it's possible you've never gone through the process of replacing your existing model. The thing is, if your new machine doesn't fit the specifications of your existing baseplate, you'll be required to rip your old one out and replace it before installation. For some businesses, the pain of this process can overshadow the need for new equipment, often to the detriment of their process. 

The process of replacing a baseplate can take weeks, and that’s if you have a reliable crew and parts in close proximity. We’ve seen it go wrong too many times, and it’s one of the reasons why we urge many of our current and future customers to consider a remanufactured centrifuge.

When you have your centrifuge remanufactured, the machine is restored to like-new condition, and it will continue to meet the requirements of your existing baseplate. For manufacturers looking for the most efficient way to optimize their separation process, having equipment remanufactured can skim weeks off of your wait time — and give your budget a lot less stress in the meantime.

Same Machine, Same Specs

People always ask us, “what’s the difference in refurbished vs. remanufactured centrifuges?” or “what’s the difference between new vs. remanufactured centrifuges?” And we're happy to take on those questions. We encourage these questions because it’s important for businesses to know what they are going to receive with a remanufactured centrifuge. In short, a remanufactured centrifuge allows you to take an existing centrifuge and restore it to like-new condition. Plus, remanufactured equipment is less expensive, more timely, and able to fit the existing setup in your facility. 

With remanufactured equipment, we can ensure you get the same machine with the same specs. That’s right; choosing a remanufactured centrifuge means keeping your baseplate and avoiding the task of reconfiguring your piping.

But why not invest the same money into a refurbished centrifuge? To make a long story short, a refurbished centrifuge is not the same as a remanufactured one. Refurbished centrifuges are not restored to the same degree, and they don’t have to pass as detailed of an inspection. But with a remanufactured machine, we address everything. You can find more about remanufactured centrifuges by downloading our free ebook:

Download The Remanufactured Centrifuge eBook

Any time you’re dealing with manufacturing, you want products you can rely on. Our process gives you the guarantee of the same machine with optimal performance. For our partners, being able to rely on the same remanufactured centrifuge can save them the hassle of losing productivity.  Investing in a remanufactured machine can also alleviate you from having to learn the ins and outs of a completely new machine.

A Client Example

Now, you may be reading this thinking, “How has this whole process worked for your current clients?” Helping clients upgrade equipment while keeping their current baseplate is something we specialize in, and we’re proud to mention the success we’ve had. Recently we had a client looking to upgrade their equipment to a higher capacity.

We sat down with our client and assembled the best team for the job. This involved handpicking everything from the technicians to the account team. We evaluated their facility, and delivered a fully remanufactured centrifuge that fit their baseplate specifications and their current piping. In the end, we were able to get them what they needed in less time and with fewer costs than if they had chosen new equipment. 

The entire process was a success, from start to finish.

Our clients are always pleased with the results of their remanufactured centrifuges. This option is rising in popularity in our industry because it has distinct advantages over new and refurbished centrifuges. It may even work best for your company and production schedule.

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