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Dairy Food Giants to Watch in 2021

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Posted by: Quenton Lind on November 3, 2020 at 10:56 AM

The Dairy Foods Magazine's The Dairy 100 List covers the top dairy companies in North America. This list includes brands, products made, and plant locations for the largest processors of fluid milk, ice cream, cheese, butter, cultured dairy products, dairy ingredients, and other dairy-derived foods and beverages. 

This is a syndication of the full article from the Dairy Foods Magazine website.

Notables from the Top 100 list

What a difference a year can make. In the 26 years Dairy Foods has been reporting on the top 100 dairy companies, this last year has been one of the most eventful. The industry saw everything from dairy-export roadblocks and pandemic-related obstacles to an onslaught of plant-based "milk" competition and plummeting milk sales.

Safe to say 2020 has brought more than its fair share of stressors to our dairy processors. All that being said, there has been more space and opportunity for other dairy processors to innovate and grow their presence. As a result, you'll notice that this year's list has quite a few changes from the previous year.

Congratulations to the 2020 Dairy 100 companies—we can't wait to see all that you accomplish in 2021, and we look forward to seeing who comes out on top of next year's list (expected to publish in fall 2021).

Here's a quick overview of the top 11 dairy companies. Yes, you read that right, it's a top 11 because we have a tie! You can find the full Dairy 100 list here

Top 11 Dairy Companies

1. Dairy Farmers of America Inc.

Annual Sales (in millions): $11,361.0

Dairy Farmers of America Inc. brands include: Alta Dena Dairy, Borden (used under license for cheese and butter), Breakstone’s (used under license for butter), Cache Valley Creamery, Cass-Clay Creamery, Country Delite Farms, Country Fresh, Craigs Creamery, Creamland Dairies, Cumberland Dairy, Dairy Fresh, Dairy Maid Dairy, Falfurrias, Friendly’s, Frostbite, Gandy’s Dairy Products, Garelick Farms, Guida’s Milk, Hotel Bar, Keller’s Creamery, Kemps, La Vaquita, Lehigh Valley Dairies, Live Real Farms, Mayfield Dairy, Meadow Gold Dairies, Midwest Ice Cream, Oak Farms Dairy, Oakhurst Dairy, Pet Dairy, Plugra, Price Creameries, Purity Dairies, Reiter Dairy, Sport Shake, Stremicks Heritage Foods, Swiss Premium Dairy, T.G. Lee Foods, Tuscan.

In May 2020, Dairy Farmers of America Inc. (DFA) completed the purchase of all Dean Foods' assets, including their interests and properties relating to 44 of its fluid and frozen facilities. This effectively moved DFA from the 8th spot in 2019 to No. 1 on this year's Dairy 100 list. 

2. Saputo Inc.

Annual Sales (in millions): $11,261.1

Saputo Inc. dairy brands include: Alexis de Portneuf, Armstrong, Cathedral City, Clover, COON, Dairyland, DairyStar, Devondale, Friendship Dairies, Frigo Cheese Heads, Joyya, La Paulina, Liddells, Milk2Go/Lait’s Go, Montchevre, Murray Goulburn Ingredients, Neilson, Nutrilait, Saputo, South Cape, Stella, Sungold, Tasmanian Heritage, Treasure Cave, Woolwich Goat Dairy. Trademarks used under license: Cracker Barrel, Scotsburn, private labels.

3. Nestlé USA

Annual Sales (in millions): $11,041.0.

Nestle dairy brands include: Agüitas, Chameleon Cold Brew, Christie, Carnation Breakfast Essentials, Coffee-mate, Coffee-mate Natural Bliss, Del Monte, Drumstick, Goodnorth, Häagen-Dazs, Nesfruta, Nesquik, Nestlé, Agüitas, Dolcetto, La Lechera, La Leche Clavel, Parlour, Pureza Vita, Ovaltine, Purina Frosty Paws, Carnation Breakfast Essentials, Coffee-mate, Coffee-mate Natural Bliss and more.

Nestle USA has changed positions from No. 1 in 2019 to 3rd place on 2020's list. Dairy Foods attributes two factors to this shift: the removal of the North American Nestle Waters sales from revenue totals and Nestle USA's 2020 sale of its ice cream business to U.K. company Froneri International Ltd

4. Danone North America

Annual Sales (in millions): $6,520.0

Danone dairy brands include: Activia, DanActive, Danette, Danimals, Danino, Dannon, Dan-o-nino, Good Plants, Horizon Organic, International Delight, Light & Fit, Left Field Farms, Oikos, Silk, So Delicious, Stōk, Two Good, Vega, Wallaby, YoCream, YoCrunch, , private labels and/or contract manufacturing.

5. Agropur

Annual Sales (in millions): $5,467.4

Agropur dairy brands include: Agropur Grand Cheddar, Agropur Import Collection, Agropur Signature, Allegro, ANCO, BiPro, Central Dairies, Dairytown, Damafro, Farmers, Iceberg, iögo, Island Farms, Lucerne, Masters Reserve, Natrel, Northumberland, OKA, Olympic, Québon, Schroeder, Scotsburn, Sealtest, private labels and/or contract manufacturing.


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6. Schreiber Foods

Annual Sales (in millions): $5,000.0

Schreiber Foods dairy brands include: American Heritage, Clearfield Deli, Cooper, La Feria, Menu, Pauly, Raskas, Ready-cut, School Choice, Schreiber, private labels and/or contract manufacturing.

7. Kraft Heinz Co.

Annual Sales (in millions): $4,890.0

Kraft Heinz Co. dairy brands include: Athenos, Breakstone’s, Cracker Barrel, Knudsen, Kraft, Kraft Amooza, Kraft Cheese-Whiz, Kraft Singles, Velveeta, Philadelphia, Polly-O, Singles, Velveeta.

8. ConAgra Brands

Annual Sales (in millions): $4,560.0

ConAgra Brands dairy brands include: Blue Bonnet, Fleischmann’s, Healthy Choice, Marie Callender's, Parkay, Reddi-wip, Snack Pack, Swiss Miss, Wish-Bone.

9. Prairie Farms Dairy Inc.

Annual Sales (in millions): $4,161.0

Prairie Farms Dairy Inc. brands include: AmaBlu, AmaGorg, Belfonte, Blues & Brews, Caves of Faribault, Fini, Hiland Dairy, Jeff's Select, Mindoro Blue, Mindoro Gorg, North Star (Ice Cream Specialties), Prairie Farms, St. Mary's, St. Pete's Select, Turner Dairy, Verdant, private labels and/or contract manufacturing.

In May 2020, Prairie Farms Dairy Inc. completed the purchase of numerous assets, rights, and properties from Dean Foods. The purchase effectively helped Prairie Farms Dairy Inc. Move from their position of 16th place in 2019 to 9th place on this year's list. 

10. Land o' Lakes inc.

Annual Sales (in millions): $4,000.0

Land O' Lakes Inc. dairy brands include: Alpine Lace, Kozy Shack, Land O’Lakes, Vermont Creamery, private labels and/or contract manufacturing.

10. California Dairies Inc.

Annual Sales (in millions): $4,000.0

California Dairies Inc. dairy brands include: California Dairies, Challenge, private labels and/or contract manufacturing.

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