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Top 10 Dairy Companies To Watch in 2024

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Posted by: Quenton Lind on May 24, 2023 at 2:03 PM

The dairy industry is in constant churn. As consumer tastes change and the market evolves, only the most innovative companies survive. At Separators Inc., we're at the forefront of this fast-paced world, partnering with dairy plants nationwide. This gives us a unique view of the trends shaping the future.

Want to know who's leading the pack in 2024? Look no further than Dairy Foods Magazine's Top 100 list! We'll be diving deep into the top dairy companies to uncover their secrets to success. 

Embracing change: the key to thriving in 2024

The landscape of dairy is shifting. Familiar names are still at the forefront, but they're facing new challenges head-on. Sustainability is a top priority, with leaders slashing methane emissions and embracing eco-friendly practices throughout their operations.

But it's not just about the planet. Smart dairy companies are investing in their most valuable asset: their people. By fostering talent and innovation, they're building the resilience needed to thrive in a changing market.

As we look to the future, one thing is clear: change isn't just coming, it's already here. And the dairy companies that will thrive in this new landscape are those that embrace it with open arms.

Top 10 dairy rankings infographic

Top 10 Dairy Companies

1. Dairy Farmers of America Inc.

Annual Sales (in millions): $24,500 

Dairy Farmers of America Inc. brands include: Alta Dena Dairy, Borden (used under license for cheese and butter), Breakstone’s (used under license for butter), Cache Valley Creamery, Cass-Clay Creamery, Country Delite Farms, Country Fresh, Craigs Creamery, Creamland Dairies, Cumberland Dairy, Dairy Fresh, Dairy Maid Dairy, Falfurrias, Friendly’s, Frostbite, Gandy’s Dairy Products, Garelick Farms, Guida’s Milk, Hotel Bar, Keller’s Creamery, Kemps, La Vaquita, Lehigh Valley Dairies, Live Real Farms, Mayfield Dairy, Meadow Gold Dairies, Midwest Ice Cream, Oak Farms Dairy, Oakhurst Dairy, Pet Dairy, Plugra, Price Creameries, Purity Dairies, Reiter Dairy, Sport Shake, Stremicks Heritage Foods, Swiss Premium Dairy, T.G. Lee Foods, and Tuscan.

2. Land O'Lakes Inc. 

Annual Sales (in millions): $19,226

Land O'Lakes Inc. dairy brands include: Alpine Lace, Kozy Shack, Land O’Lakes, Vermont Creamery, and private labels and/or contract manufacturing.

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3. Saputo Inc.

Annual Sales (in millions): $11,330

Saputo Inc. dairy brands include: Alexis de Portneuf, Armstrong, Cathedral City, Clover, COON, Dairyland, DairyStar, Devondale, Friendship Dairies, Frigo Cheese Heads, Joyya, La Paulina, Liddells, Milk2Go/Lait’s Go, Montchevre, Murray Goulburn Ingredients, Neilson, Nutrilait, Saputo, South Cape, Stella, Sungold, Tasmanian Heritage, Treasure Cave, Woolwich Goat Dairy. Trademarks used under license: Cracker Barrel, Scotsburn, and private labels.

4. Nestlé, Zone North America

Annual Sales (in millions): $11,300

Nestle dairy brands include: Agüitas, Chameleon Cold Brew, Christie, Carnation Breakfast Essentials, Coffee-mate, Coffee-mate Natural Bliss, Del Monte, Drumstick, Goodnorth, Häagen-Dazs, Nesfruta, Nesquik, Nestlé, Agüitas, Dolcetto, La Lechera, La Leche Clavel, Parlour, Pureza Vita, Ovaltine, Purina Frosty Paws, Carnation Breakfast Essentials, Coffee-mate, Coffee-mate Natural Bliss, and more.

5. Lactalis Group, North American Operations

Annual Sales (in millions): $10,150

Lactalis Group brands include: President®, Galbani®, Parmalat, Lactel, and DUKÁT.

6. Danone North America

Annual Sales (in millions): $7,000

Danone dairy brands include: Activia, DanActive, Danette, Danimals, Danino, Dannon, Good Plants, Horizon Organic, International Delight, Light & Fit, Left Field Farms, Oikos, Silk, So Delicious, Stōk, Two Good, Vega, Wallaby, YoCream, YoCrunch, and private labels and/or contract manufacturing.

Woman in the dairy manufacturing industry

7. Agropur

Annual Sales (in millions): $6,260

Agropur dairy brands include: Agropur Grand Cheddar, Agropur Import Collection, Agropur Signature, Allegro, ANCO, BiPro, Central Dairies, Dairytown, Damafro, Farmers, Iceberg, iögo, Island Farms, Lucerne, Masters Reserve, Natrel, Northumberland, OKA, Olympic, Québon, Schroeder, Scotsburn, Sealtest, and private labels and/or contract manufacturing.

8. Savencia Fromage & Dairy, U.S. Operations

Annual Sales (in millions): $6,080

Savencia Fromage & Dairy brands include: Alouette, Chavrie, Dorothy's, and Smithfield.

9. Kraft Heinz Co.

Annual Sales (in millions): $5,600

Kraft Heinz Co. dairy brands include: Athenos, Breakstone’s, Cracker Barrel, Knudsen, Kraft, Kraft Amooza, Kraft Cheese-Whiz, Kraft Singles, Velveeta, Philadelphia, Polly-O, Singles, and Velveeta.

10. Schreiber Foods Inc.

Annual Sales (in millions): $5,100

Schreiber Foods dairy brands include: American Heritage, Clearfield Deli, Cooper, La Feria, Menu, Pauly, Raskas, Ready-cut, School Choice, Schreiber, and private labels and/or contract manufacturing.

Stay tuned for more dairy brand insights

The future of dairy is bright, but it demands innovation. From plant-based competition to a focus on functional benefits, dairy processors need to adapt.

That's where Separators steps in — we're your partner in navigating this evolving landscape. Whether you're looking to improve your centrifuge performance, streamline your production, or simply stay informed about the latest trends and best practices, we're here for you.

So, here's to the top 10 dairy companies of 2024 and to the exciting future that lies ahead. Let's raise a glass of milk to the opportunities and innovations that will shape our industry for years to come!

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