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Why Separators, Inc. is the Best Option for Large Dairy Companies

Posted by: Quenton Lind on Apr 25, 2018 7:50:00 AM

If you’re a large dairy company that requires centrifuge service, know that you can get those needs met by Separators, Inc. While it’s true we’re not an OEM, we’re not working out of somebody’s garage either. We are a full-scale company, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, and we have centrifuge service technicians positioned all across the United States. We want you to consider us as your service provider not only because of our service and expertise, but because of our attention to safety and insurance needs as well.

Service – Response Times You Can Count On

We take emergency service calls 24/7. If there’s ever a centrifuge emergency, you can call us and someone will answer. When customers contact us to schedule a planned service, we accommodate their needs and schedule at a time that works for them. When emergency calls come in, we do our absolute best to send out a tech as soon as possible.

Various factors can affect response speed for emergency service calls, like location, machine type, tech availability, and weather. While we carry many parts in-stock, there is the occasional odd machine where we would need to order parts in, which can delay service. However, ordinarily, we can get a tech and the necessary parts to a customer within a day or two of the request.

Expertise – Unmatched in the Industry

Instead of working with one service provider for Alfa Laval equipment and another for Westfalia machines, our techs have experience working on models from both OEMs (and models from other OEMs, too). Since many large dairy separator plants have centrifuge equipment from multiple brands, they love being able to have one service provider for all of their machines.

We provide spare part kits specific to a customer’s machine, while other providers sell kits that are grouped for multiple models. This second option leaves customers stuck with leftover parts that don’t go with their specific machine. As an added benefit, we allow customers to return unused parts. If customers don’t want to deal with leftover spare parts from a kit, they can choose to return them and we’ll adjust their invoice.

Insurance – We’ve Got You Covered

Both large and small dairy companies need certificates of insurance, but their requirements for the certificate may have some differences. For instance, larger dairy companies oftentimes require a third-party safety requirement, and smaller plants typically contact us directly for safety and insurance requirements.

We have the processes and procedures in place to meet the insurance and safety requirements of customers both large and small. For dairies that subscribe to safety organizations as a way to help them adhere to safety guidelines, we also work with those same third-parties in order to do business with them. When you work with Separators, Inc. for dairy centrifuge service, know that you’ll have the insurance and other documentation you require.

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