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Pre-Maintenance Process for Centrifuge Service: Documentation [Part 2 of 4]

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Posted by: Richard Schildwachter on July 2, 2019 at 8:10 AM

We’ve put together a checklist our customers can use to prepare for an on-site visit from our service technicians. Separators service technicians travel all across the United States to perform centrifuge maintenance in our customers’ facilities. Because we perform service on-site, we check on and verify a handful of items before the day of the service visit. Before I go any further, know that you can get your copy of the Pre-Maintenance Checklist here.

The checklist is great for anyone who has a centrifuge that’ll be in need of service or maintenance sometime in the near future. It also provides an inside look at the experience of working with Separators.

Documentation Requirements and Centrifuge Services

When it comes to centrifuge service and maintenance, documentation is necessary on both sides. Typically, our customers request insurance and safety certifications from us prior to scheduling their service visit. Additionally, we provide our customers with post-service documentation, detailing what services they received and any details on identified service needs for the future.

When it comes to preparing for a maintenance visit at a customer facility, we inquire about safety information, training materials, insurance requirements, contact information, and uniform requirements.

Safety Information and Training Materials

Separators service technicians undergo safety and technical training as a routine part of their profession, but our safety and training practices don’t always line up exactly with a customer’s safety and training requirements. Based on your facility guidelines, industry, or regulatory guidelines, there may be something special on-site technicians may need to hold.

Insurance Requirements

What requirements does your insurance company have for on-site technicians coming into your facility? Complying with insurance requirements is a way to protect your business, personnel, and anyone who comes on site to work in your facility. Identify any and all necessary insurance requirements prior to your service visit.

Contact Information and Uniform Requirements

For the day of the service, it’s important that our technician has contact information for all the personnel they will be working and interacting with. For example, they’ll likely need contact information for the plant maintenance supervisor, the safety coordinator, and an employee who regularly works with your centrifuge equipment.

Another important detail to share with Separators is any uniform requirements for your facility. If certain types of clothing, footwear, or protective coverings are required, it’s important for us to know these things ahead of time so our technician can arrive prepared.

Preparing for Service with Separators

The preparations that take place prior to your service visit will help ensure everything goes smoothly on the day of your visit. In the next post, we cover the machinery and equipment preparations for an on-site technician visit. You can download your copy of the Pre-Maintenance Checklist here.

Download The Pre-Maintenance Checklist