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Pre-Maintenance Process for Centrifuge Service: Introduction [Part 1 of 4]

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Posted by: Richard Schildwachter on June 28, 2019 at 12:40 PM

In our day-to-day and professional lives, receiving maintenance is a pretty common occurrence. Automobiles and homes require routine maintenance. All types of machinery, heavy equipment, and tools also require their own maintenance in order to keep them operational. But everything runs on its own maintenance schedule and requires different tools and resources.

Preparing for Maintenance

The approach to maintenance is different depending on what is going to be maintained. Take, for instance, auto maintenance. Cars and trucks need to go in every couple thousand miles or every couple of months, depending on your driving habits and vehicle needs. For centrifuges, maintenance timelines are determined by the hours of operation, but most owners and operators keep things simple by maintaining them every six months.

Minor Centrifuge Service

At the six month mark, a centrifuge requires a top end service, which is also known as a minor service. During minor service, the top end of an industrial centrifuge is disassembled and inspected. All areas in need of cleaning are cleaned, faulty or degraded components are repaired and replaced, and the individual discs are cleaned by hand.  

While it’s an important service to stay up-to-date on, a minor service does require some preparations. Unlike automotive maintenance, where you bring the vehicle into a service shop or mechanic, minor service for a centrifuge is performed at your facility. Instead of bringing the equipment to your service provider, your service provider comes to you.

On-Site Centrifuge Maintenance

Since this centrifuge maintenance occurs on-site at your facility, your facility needs to have the proper resources and equipment to get the job done. Yes, our technicians can and do bring the tools necessary for working on centrifuge equipment, but there’s more to it than that.

Once one of our technicians are on-site, we want to perform the maintenance as quickly and efficiently as possible—after all, maintenance visits are meant to reduce downtime, not create more of it. By ensuring your facility has everything in order prior to our visit, we’re making the best use of everyone’s time. Because let’s be honest, our technicians have another facility to get to, and you have production yields to hit. It makes sense to have our ducks in a row.

Pre-Maintenance Checklist



For those reasons, we’ve put together a checklist our customers can use to ensure their facility is ready before our technician is on site. It outlines what we need to perform minor maintenance on centrifuge equipment. The checklist details documentation requirements, machinery and equipment needs, and cleaning/preparation instructions. You can get your copy here.

Download The Pre-Maintenance Checklist