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Pre-Maintenance Process for Centrifuge Service: Machinery and Equipment [Part 3 of 4]

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Posted by: Richard Schildwachter on July 29, 2019 at 1:38 PM

Wondering what it takes to prepare for an on-site visit with our service technicians? We’ve put together a checklist detailing each step in that process.

When a Separators Inc. service technician travels to perform centrifuge maintenance in your facilities, having the right machinery and equipment in place helps ensure the service goes off without a hitch. I’ll detail what you need to know about machinery and equipment below, but before I go any further, know that you can get your copy of the Pre-Maintenance Checklist here

If you have a centrifuge that’ll be in need of service or maintenance in the near future, this checklist is for you. As an added benefit, it also provides an inside look at the experience of working with Separators Inc. 

Machinery, Equipment, and Centrifuge Services

Because we provide centrifuge service in the field, our technicians constantly enter different client facilities. Each facility comes with its own processes, protocols, and industry-specific regulations. Luckily, our techs are pros at adapting their approach to individual customer needs. 

And while our service techs show up prepared with the right tools and training to get the job done, they do need to rely on you and your facility for some equipment and information needs. This is especially true for machinery that doesn’t travel well. 

As we prepare to visit a customer facility for a service visit, we’ll need to verify that the following equipment and tools are available when our technician arrives.

Functioning Hoist

First and foremost, we’ll need to verify there is a proper, functioning hoist over the machine. Use of a hoist is essential for providing minor centrifuge service. Without one, our technicians cannot properly complete their work. 

While the majority of facilities we visit have a hoist, positioning it over the centrifuge when the technician arrives will ensure promptness of service. If the hoist is elsewhere, needing to be located, transported, or positioned, those efforts will add unnecessary time to your service visit. 

Tool Verification

In addition to the hoist, there are a handful of tools we look to the facility to provide for a service visit. These include: 

  • Frame specialty tools
  • Hydraulic press
  • Large Gear Puller 7 Bearing Heater

Prior to your service visit, someone at your facility should verify that all these tools are available and functional. On the day of the visit, these tools should be near the equipment to be serviced, ready to go. 

Equipment Details and Information

The make, model, and serial number of your centrifuge equipment provides information about its service needs. So, prior to your centrifuge maintenance visit, we need to know the make and model of the equipment being serviced. 

The last bit of information we ask for is a copy of the machine’s most recent service report. If your unit was last serviced by Separators Inc., we’ll have your most recent service report on file. But, if you previously worked with a different service provider, we'll need a copy of the report to uncover valuable information about the current state of your centrifuge. Armed with the most recent service report, your technician will have a better understanding of the current state of your equipment and will be able to provide more thorough service within the same visit. 

Preparing for Service with Separators Inc.

The preparations that take place prior to your service visit will help ensure everything goes smoothly during the day of the visit. In the next post, we’ll cover the final preparations for an on-site technician visit.

If you missed part two, where I discussed documentation requirements, you can view it here. And you can get your copy of the Pre-Maintenance Checklist here.

Download The Pre-Maintenance Checklist