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Pre-Maintenance Process for Centrifuge Service: Final Preparations [Part 4 of 4]

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Posted by: Richard Schildwachter on August 7, 2019 at 12:15 PM

At Separators our technicians perform centrifuge maintenance services on site at customer facilities. By performing minor centrifuge services out in the field, equipment only needs to shut down for a short period of time and be back up and running in a matter of hours. While performing on-site maintenance brings a lot of benefits to our customers, it also can seem confusing to prepare for.

That’s why we created the Pre-Maintenance Checklist.

Pre-Maintenance Checklist

This checklist is something we created for our customers, so that they have a guide to prepare their facility prior to our service technician arriving. With everything communicated and in place, our technician can effectively and efficiently provide service and get your centrifuge operating at peak efficiency in just a few hours. If you haven’t yet, you can get your copy of the Pre-Maintenance Checklist here

In previous blogs, we covered other components of the checklist in greater detail: 

Today, we’re covering the final preparations outlined by the Pre-Maintenance Checklist. In true last-but-not-least fashion, these final preparations are of equal importance to the previously covered checklist items. 

Final Preparations for Centrifuge Services

When it comes to preparing for a maintenance visit on site at a customer facility, we need our customers to verify electrical needs, designate staff for assisting, prepare cleaning products, and check their parts inventory.

Here’s a look at each item in greater detail:

Verify Electrical Needs

It’s essential for a facility to properly disconnect electricity to the centrifuge’s main motor. It is not enough for a centrifuge to be turned off—it must have its power source disconnected. This helps ensure a safe working environment, which is always a priority. Note that any equipment or processes relying on the same connection will be affected during the service visit. Knowing this in advance, you can assess your workflow needs. 

Designate Staff for Assisting

Minor centrifuge service is more of a team effort than a one-person job. On the day of your technician’s visit, you'll need to provide at least two staff members to assist the technician. One staff member will be a designated helper. The helper will assist the technician with various tasks and needs throughout the day. The other staff member will be a one-person cleaning crew, responsible for washing parts. 

Internal help allows our technician to complete their work much more quickly, restoring your centrifuge equipment to full functionality faster. 

Prepare Cleaning Products

A good, thorough cleaning is an important part of minor centrifuge service. Still, you need to use the right cleaning products to protect your parts and equipment. We advise our customers to use white Scotch-Brite pads only for cleaning surfaces. Do not use red or green Scotch-Brite pads on discs for cleaning. Use white Scotch-Brite pads only. Many facilities may already have red or green pads on hand, but these are not appropriate for cleaning centrifuge discs. Only white pads have the correct grain.

Check Your Parts Inventory

Finally, we recommend our customers assess their current parts inventory for any centrifuge parts you already have on hand. We can provide or source just about any centrifuge part through our Parts Department, so letting us know what you have on hand in advance can save some time and money during your service visit. Take a moment to review your existing parts inventory. It's a win-win.

Get Your Pre-Maintenance Checklist

The preparations that take place prior to your service visit will help ensure everything goes smoothly during the day of your service visit. Our Pre-Maintenance Checklist is great for anyone who has a centrifuge that’ll be in need of service or maintenance sometime in the near future.

Download The Pre-Maintenance Checklist